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How many times have we seen great graphs, almost 45 degree slope. 45 degree? Parabolic slope! Flashing Marketing promising little less than heaven. I’m sick of it.

I’ll tell you the end of the story: After some months, the system wipes out its account, same as your funds if you have fallen into the scam. The scam is not always intentional but most of the time it is caused by the investor’s ignorance, and trader’s arrogance.

Day in, day out you bump into this kind of systems. It’s not that easy to bring them here because once they miserably fail the trader behind makes them disappear from the face of the earth as if they never existed.

I don’t want to point out to anyone but just for fun I’ll bring you the last one appeared to me. I’ll keep it anonimous because it’s not about one particular strategy.

Before (=Left side of the graph):

After (=Right side of the graph):

What the fuck!! 15% Drawdawn in 2 weeks

Worst of it. Naive money flew on this shitty system:

$30K entered on July + $120K entered on November.

This is just the last of an endless list of scammy systems.

It is so easy to succumb to the temptation of huge returns. All of us have fallen into the trap. Though after some years on this business you can easily predict the right side of the graph just seeing the left side. No surprise.

What still shocks me is the naive money flowing straight to the toilet.

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