December 2022

December 2022

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Before the Drawdown

DarwinIA contest

December 2022. Last DarwinIA of the year and we get an awesome 12th place!

Despite an inauspicious start to the month, EPG was able to take advantage of a rally in the second week of the month that allowed it to recover its initial disadvantage and end the month in profit.

Last DarwinIA of 2022

With this month, EPG has received 7 awards in 2022. Excellent way to end the year with a meritorious 12th position.

If you wish to see the summary of EPG’s activity in 2022. I recommend you to read my last post:

Balance of 2022

Message to the investors

We could only ask 2023 for a year as good as this one we are saying goodbye to.

However, we are not giving up on 2023 being even better! We will have a more mature, more solid, much more reliable EPG. Since January 1st, I have made some changes to the Portfolio after intense backtests and debugging.

In this sense, it is possible that in the first week of January the number of trades will be very slightly reduced.

See you on the next DarwinIA price!!

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