Marathon Barcelona 2024

Marathon Barcelona 2024

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I have decided to open this Offtopic section to share with you my next Marathon!

Marathon Barcelona 2024 to be held on the 10th of March 2024.


Beyond personal motivations, which are powerful in this year 2023. There is a whole series of sensations that I wish. No, that I need to re-live: the challenge of testing myself. The pleasure of revisiting my limits. The self-improvement while ignoring suffering. From a more symbolic perspective (if that’s possible), to close a bitter phase by offering the sacrifice of a little more than 42km of running. Overcoming my demons.

It’s been 10 years since my last marathon. I’ve never stopped running, but in the last few years I’ve slowed down a lot, so now it’s time to get back in shape and get to the Marathon in the best possible condition.


I find a lot of common ground between running and trading, I guess that’s why I’m completely hooked on both activities.


Work and sacrifice: The process to achieve the goal

Long term results

Fairness and Reward

To get to the Marathon day you must have followed a rigorous Training Plan in the same way that before you take a robot to Live you must have followed a rigorous methodology no matter how tempting the new robot may be. Results don’t come immediately, but they do come eventually. To savour the triumph you will certainly go through moments of extreme fatigue – the famous WALL!

The Route

On the 5th of November I will start my Training Plan. The starting point is my current fitness which I will maintain until the beginning of the Plan. These are the main parameters measured in my Running Test:

They are not brilliant values, especially the VO2max which I would have preferred to be higher, but it is the material we have and we have to work with.

I am currently training at a pace that I estimate to be 5:30 min/km. This means a time of 4:00 h for the Marathon. We will see if with the Training Plan I am able to set a target of 3:45h which would force me to lower the pace to 5:15 min/km. That’s the goal: 3:45h. I think it’s feasible considering that in my youth I ran under 3:15h.

In the next months I will try to post the evolution of the training, to keep something like a Race Diary. I will do what I can with the time available.

Will you join me?

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