Week 17

Week 17

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Second week! (Week 17). Small increase in mileage. Very attentive to knees and ankles. Mild aches and pains are gaining consistency but remain mild despite the slight increase in activity.


The intense running session was on Sunday. This time I explored a route through the woods, with beautiful paths trails. The downside was that I got lost on several occasions. I had to retrace my steps, stop and work out which direction to take at many crossroads. The pace could not be linear. In addition, I had to go over steep uphill and downhill slopes. It was more like trail running than running at many points, but it was very nice. It was worth it!

To show you how cool this route is you can take a look at it – Komoot track:

As for the prediction of a Marathon time of under 3:45. If at this point this prediction is of any use, we’ll keep the good data and the good feelings!

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