March 2024

March 2024

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Before the Drawdown

DarwinIA contest

March 2024. We had already lost the habit but finally we got a new DarwinIA reward with a meritorious 38th position. Enjoy!

We have been able to ride interesting trends and it has been a relatively quiet month. No ups and downs, no big home runs either. We ended up with just over 2% profit.

April is coming

We have had a bad start to the first week of April. We rode a few rallies that didn’t last long enough until they mostly turned around.

Currently Gold has picked up a very strong trend. EPG is going to participate more strongly in Gold this April, so say the algorithms. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this trend will last for the next few months.

Message to the investors

March has been the sixth consecutive month in green numbers. It is true that this series of favorable months came immediately after a series of 7 months in the red. Why not wait for a seventh month in the green and… who knows? Dream again of a new All Time High.

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