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The Hole

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The Hole. It would be expected that we would try to avoid negative, unpleasant, painful experiences. These experiences are not desirable, and it seems sensible to avoid them at all costs. To reject them, to eliminate them from our lives.

My robots are in ‘The Hole’. Strangely, I enjoy it.

I am seduced by the gaze of the abyss. As Nietzsche said “if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you”. Nietzsche’s meaning was different, of course. But in a way I like to hold the gaze of the abyss because if the monsters we fight do not devour us, we have overcome one obstacle and can prepare for the next, stronger, more confident enterprise. And why not, to subdue the monsters.

In keeping with Nietzsche’s message, it is possible that in the process we have assimilated part of their essence. In that case we will treat them with familiarity, we may even be able to strengthen the bonds of a “friendship”.


Drawdowns are part of trading. I love trading. Consequently, I love drawdowns as much as I love ATHs (All Time Highs). I have literally learned to love them. Being into ‘The Hole’.

Let’s not be ridiculous, the purpose of trading is to make money. That doesn’t mean, as most delusional people believe, that the money comes regularly and smoothly. So yes, we all want to make money but if we intend to make money trading we have no choice but to embrace the rules of trading and with them we must welcome drawdowns with open arms.

It would be equally illusory to pretend to avoid drawdowns in our investments or that our lives are free of drawdowns. When you understand the true essence of the matter you not only face the music but you enjoy the pain of adversity. Pain is pain, it hurts. It is just that, a feeling. Adversity makes you feel and if you are smart enough, you learn. And if you don’t learn, don’t worry; they will come back and you will repeat the same lesson as many times as necessary, as long as you have time and strength. Time and strength are key but Drawdowns don’t give a shit, it’s not their problem; it’s yours.


No’ is action, denial is action, it is a principle. We don’t accept that ‘The Hole’ absorbs us. We are ‘The Hole’, ‘The Hole’ is within us.

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