March 2022

March 2022

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Before the Drawdown

DarwinIA Contest

March 2022. Wow. What a month!! Excellent results. Excellent position. Life is good.

We are continuing for one more month getting new All Time Highs. I finished the contest on 19th position. Last week of the month we have slowed down because EPG got the 4th position with more than 8%. Unfortunatelly FX market got crazy and bit off part of the profits. Who is complaining? Great position!!

April looks challenging

In the craziness of Thursday and Friday we lost more than 1%. Well, there are 4 weeks ahead to get some DarwinIA allocation in April as well. Forgot to say that February looked pretty confident and finally EPG ended up on 160 position aprox. missing some funds and loosing a strike of several rewards in a row.

March is now in the pocket… Lets go for the next weeks!

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