April 2022

April 2022

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Before the Drawdown

DarwinIA contest

April 2022. New ATH on EPG and best position EVER in DarwinIA. Position number 7 is between the Top Ten isn’t it?

April started with some loses, but EPG could recover quite nicely and scaling DarwinIA positions until last week where it was on 4th position. However, couldn’t maintain it and got down until number 7. Great success considering EPG only has D-Score of 67. Let’s hope on the next months increase the DScore and will be easier maintain those unthinkable positions.

The key of April I think has been the good balance of the FX pairs where EPG trades. USD pairs have had a good performance correcting some bad trades on JPY. Despite JPY has become profitable, USD took over JPY on the last moments.

What about May?

Looking back this is the second time EPG gets DarwinIA prize for two months in a row, last time couldn’t get a third one for very little. This weekend I have edited some minor changes on one of the strategies of the Portfolio and adjusted the Risk. Nothing relevant, so EPG will follow its path.

Summer is coming and the weather gets warmer. That makes me thing that two summers ago I launched EPG. Its second birthday is close!

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