Presentation of DFO and MIW

Presentation of DFO and MIW

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Here you have a presentation of my two new public investments DFO and MIW


DFO is my first Darwin that I launched in January 2020, I kept it active for more than two and a half years testing ideas that in theory could work but with a huge risk. It was an extreme but controlled Risk and, as I have already said on several occasions with respect to DFO, it was a Darwin that was in constant search of the Holy Grail of trading.

DFO has been a pioneer!

The star Darwin EPG owes many ideas to DFO.

In the same way, the aspiring Darwin we will talk about next; MIW (The Minnows) owes all its essence to DFO.

Without DFO we would not have reached higher levels, we owe him a lot, he has taught us a lot.

I ended up decapitalising DFO because it was not really an investment instrument but rather a training ground with real fire. A fierce battle zone. I realised that in mid-2022.

It made no sense to expose a potential investor to that stark environment. Today we have moved this battle zone to another private, non-public arena, where it belongs.


After almost 1 year of inactivity, in June 2023, DFO has come back to life. Since the end of 2022 we already intended to relaunch it. It has taken a bit longer than expected, but we are satisfied with the final product. No doubt the results will come soon.

DFO returns mature, very stable, with improved Risk Management. It retains some of the strategies that operated in it since its birth in 2020 and which predate the birth of DFO itself.

In a word, DFO is the essence of the wisdom of experience.


MIW brings together a new methodology: The Minnows. This methodology consists of small parts that when working in coordination form an extremely powerful entity.

The Rookie

Compared to DFO and EPG, MIW is the Rookie of the Darwins but we would be wrong to judge him lightly. In 2022 it returned 42%, its drawdown is very controlled.

That said, MIW is in essence very volatile.

The Minnows

The Minnows have been trading in real for almost two years in a private account at IC Markets. In June 2023 we brought the history of IC Markets to Darwinex by creating the Darwin MIW to go public and set up this new investment instrument.

In short, MIW is the essence of teamwork, of the concept that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, of combined attack, of comfortable defence while feeling uncomfortable.

Minnows don’t back down from sharks.

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