Happy third anniversary EPG

Happy third anniversary EPG

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Celebrating the third anniversary of our success in the world of algorithmic trading!

To our valued investors and followers

It’s time to celebrate! This June marks an important milestone in our investment journey: We are celebrating the third anniversary of our incredible venture into the exciting world of automated trading with the Darwin EPG!

We would like to sincerely thank all our investors and followers for their continued support and trust in our work. It’s been three years full of growth, learning and significant achievements, and we want to take this opportunity to reflect on our journey and share some important news.

Before we dive into the details, we want to sincerely thank each of you, our investors and followers and supporters, for your unwavering support. Without your trust and support, we would not have achieved the extraordinary accomplishments we celebrate today.

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What is three years of audited trading?

These are the EPG data:

  • 48% cumulative return
  • 3,154 trades
  • 10.46% Maximum Drawdown

Looking back, our results are truly remarkable. Over these three years, we have achieved a cumulative return of 48%. This demonstrates the strength and effectiveness of our algorithmic trading strategy. We are proud to have overcome obstacles, seized opportunities and achieved fantastic results. Some of them: We have placed EPG at the top of DarwinIA for the month of September, we have surpassed the staggering barrier of €1,000,000 in capital invested in EPG.

There is still a long way to go. Many All Time Highs to enjoy and also intense drawdown periods. Of course!

Three years is our Darwin’s adolescence. We have no doubt that EPG has a great future ahead of it.

The worst drawdown

However, we have also suffered and are suffering: In recent months, we have experienced a challenging period with a drawdown of 10.5%. We recognise that this drawdown can and should raise concerns and worries among our investors and followers. Well, we are proactively addressing this situation and taking steps to protect and strengthen our EPG.

The current drawdown not only provides us with an opportunity to learn and grow, but also allows us to re-evaluate and adjust our strategy. We have conducted a thorough analysis of the circumstances that led to this drawdown and have identified areas for improvement. We are taking concrete steps to adjust our operations. In particular, we have incorporated a very significant change in our Risk Management.
Unfortunately, subtle changes do not bring about immediate changes. It is the law of trading! But we do expect to see a change in trend in the short term.

We would like to emphasise that the current drawdown does not define our overall success nor does it call into question the soundness of our long term strategy. Our approach is based on the long term and confidence in our proven strategies. Over the three years, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to generate positive returns and overcome temporary obstacles. Each time we have encountered a setback, we have used that experience to strengthen our strategy and improve our results.

Regular updates and analysis are yet to come.

We build on our track record of success, the dedication of our team and our passion for algorithmic trading. We are determined to overcome this challenge and return to the path of positive results. With your continued support and confidence, we are confident that we will emerge stronger from this period of adversity.

In conclusion, today we celebrate three years of incredible achievements in the world of algorithmic trading. Despite facing a current drawdown, we remember that our cumulative return of 48% is a testimony to our sound and effective approach. We are committed to learning from our experiences, adjusting our strategy and remaining steadfast in our goal of generating positive returns over the long term.
Once again, we would like to express our sincere thanks to each of you for your continued trust and support – together, we will continue to navigate the waters of algorithmic trading with enthusiasm, determination and success!

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