November 2022

November 2022

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Before the Drawdown

DarwinIA contest

November 2022. One more month finished and getting a DarwinIA reward with this position number 60. Enjoy!

Last month, October, was not good. We have been able to change the dynamics in this month of November. What a such a great Darwin this EPG.

We were having a very good month but last week the market turned against us giving up some part of profits and staining with red first week of December. Bottom line: November finishes 1,33% up.

December is coming

We’ve had a bad start to the week. EPG suffered a negative losing strike and couldn’t recover on Friday as it uses to do, as we like him to do. Let’s see how it works for these 4 weeks ahead. Can we get our ATH? Who knows? Only thing we care of this business is trading day to day, week to week. And from time to time enjoy these DarwinIA prices and reinvest our profits to make EPG bigger and stronger.

Of course, I didn’t forget. December is last month of this fantastic 2022 year. Let’s finish it as it deserves.

Message to the investors

December is not expected to be a month to start new trends, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some chopiness on the weeks ahead.

I’m working in several ideas to introduce some improvements on EPG. I’m on the final phase of testing so hopefully I could put them live on January or early 2023

See you on the next DarwinIA prize 😉

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